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At Dynamism Financial we specialize in those making under $100k with little to no assets. We provide free budget plans personalized to you and your income that will help you to gain savings and wealth in an affordable way. We help to find you affordable healthcare, insurance, and even a retirment plan. We assist you with every aspect and make sure you come out on top. 
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  1. In the past I always went online for my insurance needs. I thought an agent would cost more since there was a middle man. I decided to try Dynamism one day after talking to a friend and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only were they cheaper than my online insurance, but my agent made the process so simple and easy.
    Janet Whitmore
  2. My consultant helped me and wife save over $118,000 a year in tax savings for our business! I am in disbelief at the things they were able to do and continue to do for my business and family.
    Mike Green
  3. I am 62 and I thought I was too old to get affordable insurance. As a result I had several small policies worth a few thousand each. They were able to get me one policy worth more than all of mine combined. It was even $200 cheaper than what I was paying. I recommend them to all of my friends.
    Paul Smalls
  4. As a single mom I didn't think college savings was possible for my children. I came across Dynamism Financial at an expo and I am so glad I did. They were able to get me college plans for each child starting at only $15 a piece! The best part is I can alter and change it as they grow older.
    Jennifer Richards

Happy Customers

We make it our mission to leave all of our clients happy and satisfied with the results of our consultants individualized plan. Here are just a few testimonies from our wonderful customers.